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Why Choose Kemco?

Choosing a remodeling contractor for your remodeling project can be a daunting process. Price, timing, experience, and reputation will be just a few factors to consider.

As both custom cabinetmakers and general contractors we bring a unique value added service to our clientele. As the actual cabinetmaker we can tell you first hand what is & is not possible. Our designs are not limited to a catalog of stock cabinets & components. We bring an artists eye to the design process. The design process begins with the freedom to build what will function & look the best, not what stock size box will fit the opening.

We are there to guide you through the entire process, from selection to completion, most cabinet dealers can only offer design & cabinet sales & delivery, maybe even cabinet installation thru a third party. We offer the complete package by dealing with one person from start to finish. Any advise we cannot provide we will direct you in touch with the person who can. Our list of specialty vendors will also aid in the selection process

The kitchen remodeling process can be confusing undertaking. Think of us as your professional counselor. Put our years of experience to work for you. We can point out the pros & cons of various products, methods, and materials, insuring you get the best value for your dollar, and the right product to meet your individual needs. Regretting a product selection or design decision can be an expensive and humbling experience, we are here to help avoid this.

As experienced general contractors we are aware of any potential conflicts that can occur during a remodel. We will put our experience to work for you insuring as little discomfort as possible. We are familiar with the ever-changing building codes and regulations

In the end we want our customer to feel that they made the right choice when choosing Kemco Const as their contractor. Ultimately the best value is feeling you made the right choices
Ultimately being adequately informed to make the proper choices will provide the best value for your hard earned money

Why custom cabinetry?

With custom cabinetry we as designers are free from the typical restrictions set forth from using a catalog of stock cabinet sizes & configurations. Our cabinets can be built in nearly endless sizes and arrangements to insure the functionality, individuality, and beauty of your kitchen. We will build our cabinets as large as is possible to eliminate seams between cabinets, for a seamless custom look. A Kemco kitchen looks different from our competitors, we sweat the details, and the end results show this.

Doesn’t custom cabinetry cost more?

Yes & no… While we can not (nor do we desire to) build custom cabinetry at entry level cabinet pricing. You will find our pricing in line with any better quality cabinetry available thru typical retail outlets. The old adage always rings true…. “You get what you pay for’ Well built custom cabinetry provides a real value

Doesn’t custom cabinetry take months to order?

Our lead times vary thru out the year, typically we require 4 to 12 week to deliver your cabinets after final plan approval and ordering. The design process will typically take several weeks.

Through the years I have been asked to repair various manufactures damaged cabinetry. Through this experience I have modified my cabinet engineering to avoid these potential pitfalls with our product Because we build our cabinets one at a time we will not comprise methods or materials to save a couple of dollars To a large cabinet manufacturer a small compromise in quality can mean millions to their, and there shareholders bottom line. Ultimately we answer only to our customers, and our own sense of pride, not shareholders.

The Process:

You can expect it to take far more time than you imagined. The design process and material sections will take anywhere from a couple of weeks to months depending on the particular project & client This is one of our ( Our past clients tell us) greatest strength, we will take the time to insure you under stand the maze of decisions involved in the planning and construction process.

Site consultation
We will meet with you at your home to examine the space & discuss your project & budget requirements. This consultation will require approximately 1- 2 hours. We suggest you schedule a time to visit our shop and showroom so you see and touch our products first hand.

The retainer
If after our initial site consultation you decide you would like to proceed further we will produce a design agreement for your approval. This agreement will explain the terms & estimated cost of producing your projects design, specifications and cost estimates.

The design
After securing a design agreement & retainer we will schedule a time to carefully measure & photo your homes existing conditions.This site visit will typically require 2 – 4 hours to complete. We will discuss (and take note) of your ideas, concerns, lifestyle, budget, etc.
Back at our shop we will prepare a computer aided design of conceptual ideas as well as ballpark budget estimates Typically we will produce several versions for your review.
We will then meet again at our shop to review and tweak the designs. This is also a great time to view samples and browse our portfolio for ideas. When a final design is approved, we can then tighten up the job costs

Why should I pay Kemco for a design when the local big box will do it for free?
I will say it again… “You get what you pay for”. A proper design will take much time & effort from some one who has the knowledge, skills, desire and time to do it correctly. We will also prepare thorough project specifications, as well as consult with you in regards to material specification, the pros & cons of various selections, and their effect on your budget & timelines.

Our team
We pride our self on the quality of our team of construction professionals we bring to our projects
Our workers are skilled, courteous & pleasant to be around.
All of our team member know what is expected of them, and realize the importance of working as a team to insure a successful project & most importantly, a satisfied client

Should the homeowner secure the permit?
NO! if a contractor asks you to secure a permit, run away If a contractor asks you to pull a permit he is either: not insured, not licensed, or not registered.

Does a contractor really need insurance?
Absolutely, both liability as well as workers compensation are required by Mass law. Liability insurance offers the homeowner protection should any thing go wrong during or after construction is complete. Workers compensation will protect you from a law suit should an employee, subcontractor or supplier be injured on the job,

How can I be sure a contractor has insurance?
The contractor will request his insurance agent mail you a proof of insurance directly from the agent, this insures that the coverage is current, and the document has not been altered, do not accept a photocopy!

What else should I check?
  • Do they have legitimate business phone # and address.
  • How long have they been in business,( Kemco was established in 1990) statistics for new business survival are poor. You want to be sure they have the stability to complete your project and will be there in the future.
  • How much experience does their crew have?
  • Do they pay there bills promptly?

What is a Home Improvement contractor registration?
The mass home improve contractor registration program was developed to provide home owner some protection from unscrupulous contractors. All business engaging in home improvement in Massachusetts are required to be registered. Upon registration contractors are issued registration # and are required to pay a fee which funds a pool that the state will use for homeowner restitution should they experience a problem with a registered contractor. If you choose to deal with an unregistered contractor. Or obtain a building permit in your name, you will not have access to this fund. You can check contractor registration status. Our registration number is 110473.

How long will it take?
The running joke at Kemco is it will be Done “Tuesday”….. we just don’t tell you which Tuesday. Seriously, we will calculate the completion date during the planning process so you will know before we begin. We do everything we can to insure the completion date is met.

How much will it cost?
Typically more than you would like,, We do not often hear “ is that all’ We work hard to stay competitively priced, but charge enough to:

A. Insure the project can be done right the first time. If you need to have work re done , or have to live with substandard design or craftsmanship, it fails to be a bargain
B. Insure an adequate level of customer service. You will realize the value of great customer service if you fail to receive it.
C. Ensure the ability to stand behind our products and services. If something goes wrong, we will make it right.
D. Provide our employees with fair compensation for their skills & dedication and maintain the ability to attract top level talent by paying competitive wages.
E. Insure an adequate profit margin for our companies stability, future prosperity and growth

While I hate to sound like a broken record….”you get what you pay for”

We are not in this business “till something better comes along,” we are skilled, craftsmen with a passion and dedication to constant improvement in our products , processes, and philosophy.

Do I really need to check references?
Yes, past clients can tell you a lot about a contractor. Were they on time, are you happy with the quality, were they courteous, were any problems resolved to your satisfaction would you hire them again, would you refer your friends and family? We are happy to provide an extensive list of references

Trust your instinct
My personal feeling is you are better off hiring someone you are comfortable working with, even if they may be slightly less qualified, than to choose the most qualified if you are not comfortable in your relationship. The remodeling process can be a long stressful process at times, be sure you will enjoy working with this group of people you hire.

Plan early
Our slowest time of the season if we have one at all is typically after the new year holidays, Always start the process sooner than latter. It is not unusual for our crew to be booked out as far as 6 months to a year

What is Kemco’s warranty?
The law states that we have to honor a one year material and workmanship warranty. Both you and I can reasonably expect your substantial investment to perform much longer. As such, we are known to extend warranty service to far longer terms as required. This has proven to be some of our most effective marketing as well as providing us with a snapshot of what we can improve in our products and processes.

Is Kemco Green?
Green may be the latest buzzword but its actually an old tradition Yankee frugality. The sure is way to be green is to employ Yankee frugality in all process. We certainly attempt to be as green as possible. That said there are some areas will are unwilling to compromise with green technology. One area is cabinet finishes. The current green technology in finishes (water based) leaves much to be desired in aesthetics and durability. If durability is compromised, and the product needs to be rebuilt or replaced before it life span it fails to be green.

We have access to many materials that will help in the effort to be green such as FSC certified lumber. Formaldehyde free plywood’s etc. And of course building long lasting timeless designs is very green philosophy. As is using local sources of supply for materials and labor.

Our cabinets are blanket wrapped and delivered on our own trucks generating no waste packing material.

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